Product Class

Product Class Overview

    • Completely realistic with 220 degree field of view,  Realistic airport design and scenery more than 20,000+ airports in the world, coming with simulate realistic aircraft system and control, Flight instrument design which is replicated from the real cockpit any type that you can imagine.
    • W&M Modifier Company, We are professional provider of flight simulator that delivering to your home even for your organization.

Private Class

    • Cessna 172 (Single Engine Propeller)
    • Diamond DA42 Twin Star (Twin Engine Propeller)
    • Robinson R22 (Helicopter)
    • Bell 206 (Helicopter)

Business Class

    • Multi Engine business jet
    • Multi Engine (propeller or turbo propeller)

Premium Class   

    • Fighter AircraftF-16,PC-9,L39
    • A319, A320, A321
    • B737 , B767

Airliner Class 

  •  A330, A340, A380
  •  B777, B747